Thursday, September 25, 2008


Last night I was knitting my little baby scarf and I ran out of yarn. Normally that really bugs me, but since I was really dying to start a new project for which I already had yarn and a crochet hook, I looked at it like an opportunity. That is, until I double checked the hook size and realized the lady at the yarn store SOLD ME THE WRONG SIZE!!

There is nothing worse than getting all excited to begin a new project only to have all of the wind let out of your sails by some stupid mistake.

Another thing that really bugs me--

Corrections. This may be a bit anal of me, but I'd prefer that you iron out all of the kinks of your patterns BEFORE* you print and sell the book. Now, I have to double check each of my patterns on the internet before I begin them. GRR.

*ok, I know that they do this, but still I think more effort needs to be exercised.


jill said...

Yeah I was getting ready to paint and was all set up then went to grab a new roller and realized I was out. I had so many extra in the past I was sure there would be some. Reaaaaalllly irritating.

jill said...

Um -also I would like to put in a request for more Axel pics. naturally, he is adorable but I already hate that I haven't seen him yet-so more please!

ali said...

ask and ye shall recieve Jill! (just give me a moment...)

Kara said...

I hate having to postpone when you are ready to go.