Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Seams. The ultimate test in patience. Whether you are sewing or knitting or crocheting, your seams will make or break your project. You'd think that knitting the same thing over and over will test your patience until you start seaming. I've ruined many a well knitted project with incorrect seaming (sad right?). Actually, it took me a while before I really understood how to do the mattress stitch, sometimes written instructions and pictures are hard for me to translate into doing, but I figured it out.

So I'm ok with the mattress stitch on a stockinette stitched edge, but how on earth do you sew the ends of an inside pocket to a ribbed scarf? Nowhere in my pattern or book did it tell me how to do this, neither in the other instruction book did it tell me. Result? A slightly stretched out seam on the bottom of my scarf. Grr. I hate that.

If you look at this picture you can see that the hem of the scarf is a bit stretched out. Also, it bothers me that you can see some of the darker yarn through the seam, and I suppose that it might have looked different if I used a lighter color, but I wanted the dark one to be inside the pocket.

On the wrong side of the scarf you can see that the first couple of stitches that I did (upper left corner of where the gray meets the charcoal) are incorrect, but at this point I had seamed and taken out the seam about three different times and when I figured out what I had done I was halfway down the pocket doing it the correct way and I just didn't feel like taking it out again. This is a no-no. I really should have taken it out, and now it will be a glaring reminder that it matters more to take it out than the time I spend re-doing it.

This last picture is my best seam, a mattress stitch sewing the two sides together to form the hood

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holy cow--that looks hard