Monday, November 3, 2008

For Jen (and other beginners)

Ok, first of all, I'm not sure of the correct terminology, but I'm thinking that a Knit or Crochet-along would be like a book club: one of us picks a pattern and we all do it together. Then, you send pictures of your finished product to me and I post them on my blog. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? I'll go ahead and change my poll now that you know...

For those of you interested in becoming knitters, here's how I recommend you do so:

1. Get a book or two.
Here are some I recommend for beginning because they include a wealth of information and a few projects to get you started.

**Stitch and Bitch
I actually didn't use this book to get started, but I hear it is wonderful for beginners. My Husband's cousins got started this way and they are fabulous knitters, and they highly recommended this book to me.

**The Knitting Answer Book
This is the book that finally helped me understand how to do seams. Compact and easy to use and includes answers to every question I've ever had about knitting (so far)

**Vogue Knitting
Also a great reference. Includes great pictures of stitches and yarns and other tools among lots of great information.

2. Get someone who knows how to knit.
sometimes all the well meaning pictures in the world can't explain it as easily as having a human show you with real yarn and needles. You can find such a person at any yarn or craft store, but sometimes it is better to enlist a friend because a person at a store will most likely recommend that you take a class, which is fine, but not free. I, Myself will be moving to the Provo/Orem Utah area this month so if you live there I will be happy to help you get started.

3. Start with something simple like a scarf.
Scarves are a great way to get you used to knitting, they are forgiving, they almost always fit, and you will be able to wear it without too much hassle. Plus they are finished relatively quickly which is important in encouraging the beginning knitter.

So I hope that helps anyone that wants to join the wonderful world of knitting! As always, feel free to ask me questions via the comments or my email, and for heaven's sake, if you do get started, send in a picture and I'll post it up!


JujuBean said...

I'm so up for a crochet-along. I have yet to get going on knitting. I'd love a tutor. Mine are so selfish, they like work and have lives and stuff. Where are their priorities.

Erin said... are moving to the Provo/Orem area this month? What?

ali said...

indeed we are! Life is crazy.

Jen said...

Okay Miss Ali, I am in! I need a good challenge, and this is going to be it! I will by the books this week and in the mean time, I'll look for a friend to SHOW ME HOW? If you are sure on the offer to help, I may take you up on it! Congrats on moving back to the area- where are you moving from?

ali said...

We are moving back home from Arizona, just in time to freeze our butts off. It's going to be a cruel winter!

I would be happy to help you anytime, give it a try, and if you need some help look me up around the week of Thanksgiving!

Yay! Another convert (Mwa ha ha ha)!!

Chris said...

I tried to help Wendy knit a scarf once. You can totally see the rows I did (because they're either so much better or worse that the rest of the scarf - you choose).

Sarah said...

You're moving back to Utah, huh? Are you excited? I was going to say that maybe I would get to see you more often (we get down to Provo a few times more than Arizona), but then I was remembering back when you and Jon and Libby and Seth and us all lived in Provo/Orem, and I don't think we saw each other much at all.

But maybe we can change! :)

Good luck with the move.

Andy and Jessica said...

I would love to learn how to knit, I have always wanted to learn. I will do my best with the books, I don't think any of my friends here in Michigan know how too. Maybe we can do the I-chat and you can teach me long distance?? :-)