Monday, December 29, 2008

The first Knit-along

Alright everyone, now that I have finished my Baby's Denim Drawstring Pants (post forthcoming), I am ready and excited to do our first knit along. I have finally chosen the pattern I would like to do, it's another scarf, but one that I really think is cute.

You'll find the pattern in the January 09 issue of Martha Stewart Living Magazine (as well as some really great closet organizing ideas), so go out and grab yourself a copy. It's the only scarf featured, (go here for a similar scarf, I couldn't find the other one online yet) and it might be a challenge for those of you who have never knitted at all, and if you fall into that category and want to just knit a rectangular scarf, leave me a comment and I'll post a pattern or something.

I'm planning on making a few modifications because I want to use a thicker yarn and a more difficult stitch, and I'll post those as well later.

When you are choosing your yarn, I'd suggest getting it at a yarn store until you get used to what different yarns look and feel like, and as a beginner, always take your pattern with you so that the store people can help you choose the weight and amount of yarn you need.

So--get started! And take plenty of pictures so that I can post them here!


Becky said...

hey ali! i totally just saw this. I had no idea at dinner tonight that you chose a pattern! I'll go buy the magazine and pick out my yarn! This will be fun! thanks!

Becky said...

hey ali. i'm curious where you buy your fabric. any info/stores/sites would be awesome! :)

ali said...

I'm assuming you mean yarn? Stay tuned...

brandi said...

hi ali, i am natalie kidd's sister she mentioned you knitted so i linked onto your blog from hers. are you still doing a knit along? i love, your little pants, i am just getting ready to do the little bird organics knit longies pants -(much easier than yours)also i have no idea where you live (i know it's utah) but i host a yarn art night at my home the third friday of the month in draper we'd love you to join whenever possible, i love your little hat as well, love bamboo yarn- have you heard of the new soy yarn they make from discarded tofu factory's o.k. i'm getting a little out of control- nice to sort of meet you love your simple knitting style- brandi

ali said...


Nice to have you--I absolutely adore your sister! I would love to join your yarn art night, can you email me the info?

Also, I am still doing the knit along, and I'm going to get back into my blog as well (i have taken a small break from my computer and I am slowly coming back to it all) so look forward to some more pictures and updates!