Thursday, December 4, 2008

Knit-along Update

Hello fellow enthusiasts!

Thank you for bearing with me, I'm in the middle of a very messy move (ick), and I'm missing my knitting (among other things).

But I have not forgot about you all! So let's get this knit-along started.

First, I need to know a few things, what's your level? (Please answer the poll to the right)

Second, what do you want to knit?

Third, would you be willing to purchase a pattern, or do you want a freebie?

Please, leave your comments and I promise we'll get this thing underway! Also, if you find a pattern or a picture of something you want to do, email me the link or post it in the comments and I'll put it on the metaphoric table.


ABlack said...

I feel your pain, we just moved this past week. We spent our first night in the new house yesterday. I hate not being able to find things and being in a house that doesn't smell like you yet. I hope you guys are doing well, I miss you!

Sarah said...

I would love to do a knit-along! I can knit washcloths, but that's all. I would love to knit a hat or scarf or something. Purchase or free would be great with me.

Thanks Ali!