Saturday, February 28, 2009

Hooded Sweater (finished)


Where do I begin? I started this sweater years ago. Yes, years. I actually can't even remember when it was, but I know that it has been over multiple pregnancies and weight fluctuations. This sweater has been on many vacations with me, and it has basically been the thorn in my side for quite some time. I just finished it tonight, and I hate it. Now, to be fair, I've learned a lot since I started this sweater, and really, I shouldn't have picked such a boxy pattern. I should know better having been a mediocre seamstress for the better part of my life, and also from just being an experienced shopper (i.e. you never buy something just because it looks good on the model--everything looks good on models). Also, the pattern is foreign (like from a different country), and the wording was weird and very confusing at times. And to be quite frank--I wouldn't buy it if I saw it in the store, and that is NOT my objective with crafting. Honestly, it was enough to make me not want to knit for a long time, and I don't remember ever feeling that. I guess I should be more patient with myself... Enough of that, on to the gory pictures:

This is what it's supposed to look like

This is it. Notice that the hood is too small, I have to carefully move it over my face to get through...

Once the hood is off, it isn't quite as hideous (sorry for the blurry pic)

And, finally, the sleeves are too long.

So there you have it. I'm going to go stuff this thing in the recesses of my closet and console myself with an episode of Wings and then go to bed. Maybe I'll bring it out again after I have lost scads of weight and my hair has grown--maybe then I won't hate it...

Specs (you know, if you really want them)
Pattern: Hooded Sweater from Rebecca 29 (pattern #3)
Yarn: GGH Domino in red, black, and white
Needles: A whole mess of size five needles

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sunday Brunch Jacket (finished)

Ah sewing. How I missed thee. We should never let a silly thing like moving ever get in the way of our relationship again. I can't tell you how difficult it was to have my sewing machines packed away like common appliances. But no matter, all of that is behind us now.

In all seriousness though, sewing should be sold illegally to teenagers in the streets because there is no high quite as high as sewing, nor addiction quite as addictive.

And, there is no motivation quite like that of a three year old constantly hanging under you begging you to "bake my jacket." Seriously, all I have to do is tell Greta I'm making her something and she won't drop the subject until it is finished.

How adorable are these buttons??

I love that this pattern suggested bias covered seam edges, I'm going to do that now whenever I don't want a lining. Sure it's a tad tedious going over each seam 5 times, but hey, that's sewing for ya.

Button Scarf (finished)

Ok, another scarf. Also, I have one more that should be finished soon and then I swear that I will be done for the season. Watch out for next fall though, because one can never have enough scarves, can one?

Pattern: My own (worked in K1 P1 rib until desired length)
Yarn: Blizzard 65% Alpaca 35% Acrylic in Maize
Needles: size 13

Knit-along Scarf (finished)

Well, I think my first knit-along was a horrible disaster, but at least I got to make a scarf that I like, right? If there are any of you out there that decide to make one, please send in your pictures at any time and I will totally post them!

I really like this scarf because it keeps my naked neck oh-so-warm (one of the pitfalls of cutting your hair extremely short is a cold neck). And if you haven't noticed, I've fallen in love with alpaca. So warm. So soft.

Pattern: found in Martha Stewart Living Magazine January 2009
Yarn: Misti Alpaca Chunky color #2050 (not the recommended yarn weight)
Needles: size 10 (not the recommended needle size)

Bread! (finished)

My very first bread ever! (second attempt, the first is comfortably sitting in a landfill somewhere in Utah).

That micro-mini bun is Greta's first ever attempt at bread (hee hee)

Wanna learn how to make bread?

Unfortunately, I don't think I can post the recipe, but check out that link above and you won't be disappointed!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Take me Back, Please?

So I owe you all an apology (yes, all three of you). I left you right in the middle of a knit-along without any explanation. You see, my beloved computer started taking over my life (it all started when I decided to join facebook... but that's another story) and I had to stage a coup d'etat to get my life back. I'm not sure how much power I should let my computer have, but I'm slowly giving a little for a few reasons. During the coup, if I may get serious for a minute, I pondered the value of my blog(s) and whether or not to reinstate them. At first I worried that with this blog it may look as if I'm showing off or portraying some false sense of reality, or worse, that I may be pressuring myself to make things so that I could post them on my blog. I have thought about this for a couple of weeks, and I have come to these conclusions:

*During my break, I began to search for other crafty blogs/websites, and I realized that I did this because I was looking for inspiration and ideas and also just because I wanted to see what everyone "out there" was making and I realized that my blog was a part of that community also. I have long wanted to do my part to further the art of making (knitting, crocheting, quilting, sewing etc.) toward the next generation because I honestly believe there is large value in these lost arts, and I think my blog helps that cause. I hope that people who come to my blog enjoy seeing what I make and perhaps learn from my mistakes and possibly even become inspired to learn something new or continue to make great things. I realize I'm not curing cancer, but I hope you all see this blog as not merely a chance to show off.

*As far as my not portraying a false sense of reality--I can honestly say that this is my reality. Even without the blog aspect I have a very strong drive inside of me to create. The fulfillment is addictive and it beats the hell out of watching TV (not that I'm opposed to watching TV, believe me). I craft for three main reasons: 1-I enjoy the challenge and sense of accomplishment 2-I like having one-of-a-kind items that fit well 3-occasionally I do it for cost reasons, although it is rare that crafting will cost less these days. Also, I can craft and watch TV at the same time.

*As for the pressure, a little of that is a good thing. I sometimes get distracted in the middle of projects and have a hard time finishing them, so a little pressure to finish is a good thing. If this pressure starts to make me resent my projects, I'll take a step back.

So there you have it. Here's hoping that my blog will enrich your lives or mine in some small way. And now, if you'll take me back, I have a TON of finished projects waiting in the wings for your approval.