Monday, March 9, 2009

Monkey Pants (finished)

**Still time to enter the drawing portion of my handmade giveaway!

I found this cute little pattern on etsy, check it out:

The gusset is what sold me. I'm a sucker for gussets. And, as a bonus, I also got a cute new nickname for my baby (yes I do in fact call him monkey pants now).

They turned out well, I love and hate sewing knit fabric though. Sometimes it works so well, and then other times it gets stuck in the foot plate (grrrrr). But overall, these were fun to make, and I have plans to make many more!

A side note about the pattern--I altered the legs, I don't care for bell-bottoms on babies, I think they look ridiculous so I straightened them--but that's just me. Also, the instructions are a tad difficult to understand, something got lost in the translation. But, not impossible to follow.

And on a completely unrelated topic-- don't you think my son is adorable?

Pattern: Monkey Pants by danslalune
Fabric: 100% cotton double knit
Modifications: Length and straightened legs


Kara said...

Totally darling! And that is a perfect nickname.

Erin said...

Yes...he is adorable. And so are those pants. They kill me with how cute they are.

Living in Domesticity said...

Adorable. I love the pattern, thanks for sharing.