Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What's next

Knitting and I made up. Actually, I was perusing pattern books before my needles even cooled off. It took me a few days too build back my self confidence though (I'm not exaggerating either, suddenly I wondered if I really could knit or if I had been fooling myself all of these years...), but I finally did, and I ordered some yarn and bought this book:

Isn't that hat adorable? That's what I'll be knitting. Even though technically I still have two more knitting projects to finish (the second of a pair of socks, and two more golf covers for my husband. Coming soon, I promise!!)

Wish me luck--I'm still paranoid that nothing will look good on me anymore...


Jessica said...

I am glad you are back Ali, I love ALL of your new posts. And am really impressed with that super cute jacket you made for Greta :-)

brandi said...

i cannot wait to see that hat!