Friday, July 31, 2009

Crocheted Motifs on Baby Onesies (finished)

Alright, I finished these back in May, and I'm just now blogging about them (sorry) Anyway, I apologize once again for the less than stellar photography, but I gave them away and am therefore unable to re-photograph them.

I used patterns from one of my favorite crochet books The Happy Hooker.  It's a great book for beginners and non-beginners alike.  These motifs were originally quite large, but the great thing about making motifs (or toys) is that you can play with the gauge by using a different size yarn or string and a corresponding size hook.

I originally wanted to sew them to the onesies, but that proved less fun than just gluing them on (hehe).  I used a fabric glue, and I said a few prayers that they would stay on during washes.  Jessi--if you are out there in cyberland reading this, let me know if they were able to stay on.

Anyway, what do you all think?

Materials:  Crochet cotton string found in any local craft store (size 10 I think) and corresponding hook size (you can find a recommendation on the yarn package)

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