Tuesday, April 27, 2010

knitted booties (finished)

I love these. Unfortunately, my son doesn't. I should clarify: he loves them, he just would rather play with them than wear them. Truthfully, I probably shouldn't even have made them because I knew the ratio between the time put in and time worn would be severely lacking in the latter. But I couldn't resist for a couple of reasons:

1-- This is my last kid, and my last chance to make booties for one of my own
2-- I so much love this yarn and I happened to have the perfect amount left over from this project
3-- I have actually been wanting to make these since I learned how to knit eight years ago, but the pattern was in a book of my Mom's and neither of us could find it for years until recently. They have an adult version of this pattern as well, but the kid one is so much cuter.

And as impractical and as unworn as they are, aren't they just the cutest? So simple and zen-like I think. I don't know, to me they have that modern clean Japanese feel that I love so very much.

What do you think? Should I make the adult version for myself? I still have the book (enter sinister laugh here)...

Pattern: Simple Slippers found in Comforts of Home: Simple Knitted Accents by Erika Knight
Yarn: Rowan Denim in Nashville (don't be fooled by the darkness of the yarn, these are meant to be washed and to fade when washed)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Christmas Pajamas (finished) and Doll Pajamas (finished)

Yes, I'm late posting this one as well. It should be noted that I don't do well with deadlines...

At any rate, here they are in all their cute glory! I decided to make it simple by just making the bottoms and doing some simple corresponding applique on some ready made t-shirts. Turns out that was a smart idea. I lined Greta and Axel's with fleece to keep them extra warm in the winter, and since Gabe is always too hot, I left his unlined. The lining part was extra fun (sarcasm) especially because I have to be the perfectionist and make it so all of the seams are in the inside between the two fabrics. Which means I had to sew them separately. Yeah, because my 18 month old baby really cares. Oh well, its always good practice right??

That would be "baby doll" in matching pajamas

And what fun is it being a girl if your dolls can't wear matching pajamas with you to bed? Further more, what fun is having a girl if you can't make matching pajamas for your daughter's dolls? I'm so glad I have a girl... just the one.

Anyhoo-- doll clothes are surprisingly fun to make. I thought they'd be a pain because of the size, but they use an entirely different way of construction that makes it easier and faster to make. Plus, if you decide to ever make doll clothes, you'll be squinting your face and laughing every couple of minutes because everything is just so cute!!

**I'm not listing the specs because I can't remember what patterns I used, and besides, pajama bottom patterns are really easy to find. But if for some reason you are dying to know, email me and I'll go find the pattern for you...

Friday, April 23, 2010

A-line Skirt (finished)

Do you remember this Jacket? Here is the companion skirt. I had been wanting a denim skirt for Greta so that I could show off all of her cute and crazy leggings and tights, but I never found one that I liked. I'm really happy with this pattern, it has an adorable kick pleat in the back...

Just above those adorable legs is a flower motif that I added as a design element (I've been wanting to do more of that kind of thing to individualize my clothing). I attached it using embroidery thread and a stippling foot on my machine. Lots of fun by the way...

Kick pleat :)
I wanted to go for that store bought denim look so I used a contrasting gold thread.

The great thing about denim's casualness is that when Greta outgrows the length, I can let out the hem and sew along the raw edge and let it fray.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Knitted Golf Club Covers (finished)

At first I thought the idea of hand knitted Golf Club Covers was hokey. Um, but then I realized not only are they definitively not hokey, they are very desirable and chic in the golf community. Go figure. And it turns out, the bigger the pom-pom, the better, and that's where I was hooked. I do love a big pom-pom!

I must say, these were fast and fun to make, and I think they look simply smashing atop my husband's clubs!

Pattern: This is one that was passed down from my Grandma, so I couldn't source it for you even if I wanted to (sorry)
Yarn: 100% acrylic, which normally I hate, but it makes for a great golf club cover. (I can't remember the brand, sorry, it was almost a year ago...)

Friday, April 16, 2010

2+2 Blouse (finished)

Well, I've been excited to post about this blouse ever since I made it..... a year ago. Yeah I know, lazy.

Anyway, why am I so excited to post about this blouse? Mainly because it is a repurposed garment, and I just love the process and idea behind making something new out of something old or no longer useable. Enter this shirt which I've both loved and hated:

I was given this shirt as a "you just had a baby and you're too big still to wear normal sized clothing" gift, and so consequently I've never liked it (you mothers will understand this immediately). It could have been made by Coco Chanel herself and I still would have hated it. But I digress.....

I have always loved swiss dot, just not for an adult (at least not in this way). To me it's a very juvenile fabric and it's perfect for a sweet little girl. The only problem is, I always liked the wrong side better because of the fuzziness of it. Well here was my chance to use it the way I wanted to:

What do you think? I used a contrasting fabric for the trim and I just love the little pink buttons on the back. I so love this little shirt. I think I'm going to force Greta to wear it tomorrow!

*Oh, and I need to plug Oliver + S again because they are my new favorite kids pattern company, I have all of their patterns and have loved everything I have made from them. Check them out, they just released some great new patterns!