Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Arm Warmers (finished)

So... either these were really easy or I'm getting faster because these knit up so very fast. In fact, I bought some different yarn because I thought I would get them done in time for fall, but I decided to see if I could get a spring pair done in time to bring to the Alaskan cruise I have planned in June.

And I did! And I love them!

I'm a bit perturbed about the pattern though, it tells you to knit on the wrong side after the hole for the thumb, but then it asks you to knit the cuff... Um, how can you knit on the wrong side in the round and have it come out stockinette? You can't. Believe it or not, this did cause some problems as I worked through the first draft (yes, I made three and had to rip out the first). And the thing is, I want to trust my instincts and knit on the right side instead, but for some reason I tell myself that the pattern knows best. GRR. There's just no way of telling whether your instincts will be right or if the pattern is right.

Also, I had some sizing issues. The first one I made was incredibly tight and too short regardless of the fact that I checked my gauge and measured the length. I ended up having to add 15 more stitches and about 5 more inches. I'm blaming it on the ribbing, I never know how to check ribbed gauge, do I measure it relaxed or stretched? Heaven forbid the pattern tell me, so I measured it how I wanted it to look which was somewhere in the middle of relaxed and stretched and it still wasn't enough.

Maybe this will help some of you if you decide to make these, or then again, maybe I'm just incompetent.

The one on the left is accidentally rolled down a little, that's why it looks different at the top.

I can never resist a good close up of the stitches.

And finally, Jon and I thought this would be a good opportunity to show you the heat that I'm packing. Yes my skin is pale, and yes I prefer it that way.

They keep my arms surprisingly warm, Oh, and I used 100% baby alpaca. So soft. Like butter. (but harrier) Watch out for that because some companies give their yarn the name "baby alpaca" and then blend it with wool or acrylic. Not nearly as soft or as pretty.

*Stay tuned for a fall version of these!


Thank you to my lovely assistant Jon for shooting this project

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hip Ol' Granny

Here's a little sneak-peak into one of my current projects:

These are granny squares, two patterns from this book that I'm really enjoying these days-- but-- they will not be made into an afghan. Or a doily. Or a shawl.

Stay tuned.

(and by the way, granny squares are so very fun to make, I highly recommend them)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Little Girl's Jumper (finished)

This is a fun little knit-- but the pattern is all in stockinette stitch which is fine, but somewhat boring to knit and to look at, so I decided to add a large cable down the front center. Unfortunately, I must have over compensated for it and added too many stitches in the armhole area. Even then I think it still works:

Greta is such a poser :) . I wish I could modestly say that I had no idea where she got that, but I do know where she got that: I was the exact same when I was her age. It does make it fun to photograph though!

Pattern: Little Girl's Sundress or Jumper by Knitting Pure & Simple
Yarn: Oh dear, I have no idea. Whatever they used for the display piece at the store I went to, does that help?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lounge Pants (finished)

I've always been a sucker for satiny fabrics and satiny pajamas, and when I found this awesome smooth as butter gunmetal grey satin fabric I had to have some pajama pants made out of it.

I have Amy Butler's book In Stitches which has this great pattern for wide legged lounge pants in it, and I instantly had this idea for some glam 1930's art deco old hollywood (you get the idea) pajamas.

Hopefully I hit a mark somewhere near there---

I love how you can see my kids' scooters in the background-- sort of ruins the whole "1930's Hollywood Glam" look that I was going for.

I don't know, but for some reason, I felt like these pants were telling me to put the drawstring on the hip instead of the middle-- but I'm a rebel like that. You see, some people look at a side drawstring and ask "why?" I look at a side drawstring and ask "why not?"

I should mention that this type of drawstring is actually a mix between an elastic band and a drawstring, it's a new favorite technique of mine that I learned on Greta's pettiskirt. What you do is leave the elastic unattached and sew two pieces of ribbon at either end. Then you thread it through the casing and tie the ends of the ribbon on the outside. It looks like a ribbon drawstring, but it has the benefit of an elastic band in that you don't have to untie and retie the bow.

Does all of that make sense?

Ok, now on to the seams. Have you ever sewn on this type of material? It's beastly. Notice the puckering on the seams? I tried everything I could think of to get this figured out and fixed. After I made them, my Mom suggested a differential feed foot for my sewing machine which I am now thinking would have worked. So I'm not giving up, someday I will figure out how to sew on this type of fabric!

Also, I decided to finish these really well and use french seams which I love. I was going to take a picture of them, but I forgot (sorry). Trust me though, they are there.

Pattern: Lounge Pants found in Amy Butler's In Stitches

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Arm Warmers

Oh, I'm in love. Check these out:

I'm so knitting these. And, I just found out that there is a local Alpaca yarn being sold in one of my favorite yarn stores. Double love.

Stay tuned, and lest you worry that I'm starting them too late/early season wise, remember, I'm a sloooow knitter who also has a million other things to knit/crochet/sew this summer.

But-- these I will have.

Go here for more info.

you're welcome.