Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Granny Square Handbag (finished)

Remember this post?

Earlier this year, a very sweet friend of mine emailed me the picture you see below and asked "do you want a project?" I of course said "always," and thus began my first ever handmade handbag.

I can see now that the colors are a tad off, but not too far hopefully.

This project went just about everywhere with me this year; I took it to Alaska on our cruise; to pool parties at my parents' house; Jackson Hole, Wyoming; and also to my monthly knitting group.

Teri and I decided that it really should be lined since the holes in some of the motifs were big enough to pose a problem with everyday use, and I then also decided that the handles needed to be reinforced as well.

If I may be so bold as to admit-- I'm really quite proud of this handbag. Actually, this isn't a handbag at all, it's a milestone. It represents to me a clear time in my craftiness where something I created out of my own head (minus the picture given) actually turned out exactly how I imagined it. Finally my skills are catching up with my visions. This is huge for me, because for most of my life, I would dream something up and then try to make it failing miserably. I kinda just got used to that. It didn't stop me from trying, however. It's as though you get used to having a mediocre skill set, and then all of a sudden you make a little leap forward. This handbag is a little leap forward for me. I should mention too, how much of a joy it is to make things for other people. This was an incredible amount of fun to make, thanks for the opportunity Teri!

**A little background about the woman I made this for: Teri is a dear friend of mine from our brief stint in Arizona, and she made for me two quilts while I was there: One for my new baby boy and a much larger one just for me. The one for me has footprints of all of the Young Women that I had the pleasure to love and serve, along with messages from the women that I served with. Not only is this quilt adorable, but it served as a tangible link to a time in my life that is so special in my heart with some people that I will always love deeply and never forget. This quilt actually really helped me through some very difficult times during my transition back to Utah. I will forever be thankful to everyone that had a hand in making it, and especially for Teri for putting in the time and effort in to put it together.

Patterns for the granny squares found in the book referenced in the above link
Crocheted using perle cotton in various colors size 3


Kara said...

AMAZING! I loved seeing all this project progress and come together. It turned out so great that you should make one for yourself and keep it!

Melanie said...

I am in love! Ali, it turned out so cute.

Erin said...

This is GORgeous!!! I like it even better with the sewn reinforcements as it gives the bag a professional looking structure. The squares are so stunning. Well done!

Annalee said...

Man Ali---can I just have a TINY bit of your talent??

I can sew and stuff, but knitting makes me drink and swear. Not a good combo.

How much would it cost me to commission you to make me a cute hat...a cute headband...and scarf? I have been browsing etsy, because I can't do it myself!

Teri said...

awe so sweet at the end..thanks so much!! and I love it..Thanks for your talent and all the TIME you put into it!!! you are so great!! Have a great Christmas!!