Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Bit of Beadwork (finished)

Any of you that follow Glee will probably recall the sweater clips that Emma Pilsbury wears that are a throwback to the fifties, well, I immediately fell in love with them and went on etsy to purchase some. Unfortunately, all the ones available featured low quality glass or plastic beads. Um, no thanks. I prefer semiprecious stones because I'm a snob. Plus they are so incredibly easy to make, and I wanted to personalize mine.

Beadwork and jewelry making is so much fun and so easy. And I have to say that shopping for the supplies is equally as fun. I kind of feel like a cross between Rosie the Riveter and a regular crafter. I get to use all of these specific tools and work with silver.

For this sweater clip, I decided on olive jade and little peridot beads as separators. On the ends, I had a strong desire to not copy the one I saw on etsy that featured scrabble tiles even though I think that is a really cute idea. Instead, I picked two of the same (I think Taiwanese) coins and glued them to the clips one "heads" up and one "tails" up. I actually use this quite a lot, more than I thought I would. It turns out that sweater clips are not only very cute, but also completely practical.

Next on the docket-- Crochet markers (above) and knitting markers (below). I made these for my mother for Christmas this year. These are laughably easy to make, but are very impressive looking especially when you use semiprecious stones. The stones above are citrine and coral, and I can't remember what the ones below are-- leave a comment if you must know and I'll get off my lazy hind end and go look it up-- otherwise I'm staying right here. You might think the ones above look like earrings, and that is because I used earring hoops, so it's kinda like getting two things for the price of one.

I really need to make some of these for myself. After making these, plastic markers just don't cut it anymore.


Melanie said...

Is it wrong to have sweater clip envy?

Jonathan said...

Wow those look really cool. I can't wait tot se them. You are very talented, I think you should start your own line.

Kara said...

Fabbity fab fab! I love this.

Erin said...

That sweater holder is lovely! I am in love with the colors and style. Well done!