Sunday, May 8, 2011

Little Girl's Dress (finished)

I think my Mom has a million pictures of me doing this exact same pose. Look out world, here comes another "Ali." Alright. So, this is the last project of my winter semester sewing class, a little girl's dress with a gathered skirt and flat collar. There can be so many interpretations of that, if you have a higher waistline, it could look like a mid 19th century dress, but I opted for a natural waistline and shot for a more mid 20th century look.

Because I wanted a more contemporary style, you'll notice that there are no bows or sashes or flowers etc. And I used a 1930's style print

First thing a girl does in a new dress is twirl of course.

This pose was entirely Greta's idea. That girl-- if you find her on a future episode of America's Next Top Model, don't bother shooting me because I will have already committed suicide.

And now we come to the inside. The bodice was fully lined, and the skirt was attached using a sandwich seam, and all other seams are french, so the entire thing is enclosed. Also, if you'll notice the hem-- it is 7 1/2" deep, which is an incredibly deep hem. Standard for this type of skirt is about 2-3" but we were informed that deep hems are somewhat luxurious, and also that because she is a growing girl, I'll be able to keep letting it out and fit it to her for many years. Also I just wanted to see what a deep hem looked like. It's pretty cool.

Here's one of the french seam if you can see it, my apologies for being too lazy to get out my macro lens.

Generally, I'm not sure I'd put this much extra detail into a child's garment because they are liable to rip it or spill something on it or get pen ink on it (like today for instance. *sigh*), or eventually grow out of it, and quite frankly it's just not worth it. But it is good practice, and I take solace in the idea that if I can ever get that pen ink out of her dress, she'll be able to wear it for a long time.

I'm not going to bother forwarding you the link to the pattern I used because it wasn't a very good one. For starters, it had only 1/4" for a seam allowance, and I had to increase them all myself. Not fun. On top of that, the instructions were poor. All in all, I'd suggest you find another pattern to use if you want-- for example one produced by a reputable pattern company.


Kara said...

Ok, that dress is as cute as her poses!

Love it.

Erin said...

Adorable! You did a beautiful job on the dress (and the daughter too.) :)

Jonathan said...

I have to say that I am a proud husband, the dress is really quite amazing. And Greta looks really good in it.

Becky said...

I love everything about this dress. Darn pen!