Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Men's Dress Shirt (finished)

Jon is very good with the GQ poses isn't he?

This is the very first time I have ever attempted to make anything for a man. It was loads of fun. Huge amount of work though! If anyone ever wants to know why men's shirts cost so much, just try making one. Trust me, by the end of the process, you'll be happy you can get them so inexpensively.

I bought this fabric from Yellow Bird Fabrics in Salt Lake City, and I was told that it was a runoff of Jcrew shirting fabric. Cool!

I should have taken a close-up of the plackets, because I'm very proud that I matched the stripes... you'll just have to trust me.

Here's the pocket and button band, check out the stripe matching!

FYI-- collars are very hard and labor intensive. I'm a little bummed that I couldn't get a sharper point, but my professor and I worked on it, and this was the best we could do.

We learned and used a lot of industry standard methods on this shirt, and I feel like I know so much more about clothing construction in general now.


Kara said...

You are kidding me?! That is amazing. It looks so professional.

And Jon is seriously GQ.

Melanie said...

Ali, it looks awesome! I am curious how many hours went into making this. I think a mens shirt would be a pain so sew.

ty and megs said...

i'm SO impressed! seriously. it matches up PERFECTLY and looks GQ fab!

Erin said...

You can't see me right now but my mouth is open in awe of what you have accomplished. It looks like a shirt you could buy at the store! So professional! Amazing Ali. I stand in respect of your serious skills.

Becky said...

Seeing this in person was amazing. You are so talented. It was impeccable!