Saturday, September 17, 2011

ice cream dress (finished)

I started this adorable little dress last summer, cut it all out and did the pockets on the front panel, and then started statistics.  Yeah-- statistics pretty much took over my life, and then the holidays and then my other classes that required I sew lots of other things, and then the move....  you get the picture.  It's so nice to finally have this dress done!  I can't tell you how distressing it is to have a halfway finished project hanging around getting pushed aside for months on end.  Not to mention the pressure of finishing it before my only girl grows out of it.  And it was especially laughable after I finished it and realized how easy and fast it went.  I could have finished it in an afternoon at any time.  

She's getting good with the poses, this one in particular reminds me a little of the Dior New Look pose (and she did it all on her own):

 Apparently this dress also works with skateboarding

The front yoke detail 

 The back-- covered button looks like one of the polka dots.

This shows the boxy shape of the dress, and I love how the sleeves are partly made from the skirt.

Normally, when I do my seam finishing, I opt for serging it because it is durable and fast, but I was too lazy to thread my serger, and I wasn't sure how long this dress would fit anyway so I decided to use pinking shears.  I've never done pinked seam finishing, so I'm very curious to see how it holds up in the wash and wear and tear (hm.. I really should have taken a picture of that.  Sorry.).  The gathering isn't perfect-- gathering and I butt heads a little bit, but all in all, I'm very happy with this dress.  So adorable!


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